Company policy

Uniquely creative, uniquely responsive to your needs

We will provide you a affluence and stability life with our new idea.
We are always keeping in mind the good and safety craftsmanship and continuing new challenge.
We will never slack our efforts to seek the customer’s satisfaction. It is our pleasure.

Environment policy

We understand that it is important to preserve the natural environment with our business activities, and we aim at harmonizing with the natural environment.

  1. Basic Activities

    1. We understand all activities; research, design, manufacturing, and sales for our product, have an influence on the natural environment. We carefully examine these influence and strive to continually decrease our impact and endeavor to stop the pollution of our natural environment
    2. We observe the law and other social requirements, which we agree to control environmental pollution.
    3. We do our best efforts for the following 3 activities which affect the natural environment during our business activities
      1. We make good use of natural resources to conserve the natural environment
      2. We recycle packaging wherever possible.
      3. We will design products, which will not contribute to environmental pollution.
      4. We continue to research chemical substances contained in products and answer the requests of customers.
    4. We make environmental education top priority with all employees and all employees understand well that we encourage and welcome any suggestion to improve their environmental activities.
    5. Our activities are open for public review.
  2. Quality policy

    1. We make “the voice of the customer” important, and answer with sincerity and speed.
    2. We raise the quality of business process and technology, the customer and aim toward the enterprise which is relied on in community.
    3. We endeavor to the continuous improvement of quality management system, aim toward “the improvement of customer satisfaction”