Layout Designer2

This is a simple tool to create your custom labels. You can lay out graphics, barcodes, etc. on the computer screen and print them out with Sanei printers via its printer driver. The created files can be managed as formatted data (file format *.sop). The parts that are to be positioned are defined as Objects and those can be re-positioned or re-edited as you like.



Supported printer models:

SM1-21, BLM-80, SM2-41, SM3-21, SM4-21,

SK1-2x/3x/4x , SK4-21/31, SK1-2×1/3×1,

BL2-58 , SD3-21/22


Wireless LAN setting tool for SM2-41W and SM3-21LW (Windows)

This tool helps you to make various settings quickly such as mode settings and IP address settings for wireless LAN communication.



Memory Switch Setting Tool for Sanei mobile printers (Windows)

This tool helps you to make various settings of the memory switch of the printer quickly on your PC.