「Uniquely creative, uniquely responsive to your needs」

Sanei Electric was born just 50 years ago to satisfy the customer needs with originality and speed. The history of Sanei is one of contributing to society through development, manufacturing and sales of the compact printers. We are committed to providing new products in advance of the customer’s need, no matter how small, using our proprietary product development technologies.

Now we are expanding the sales opportunities by adding IT products like ScanJacket to our product range. Our sales have also been steadily developed in overseas markets.

We never compromise our efforts to promote evolution of clients, end users and ourselves as invaluable partners with one another. Sanei’s goal is to continue offering products that possess ease-of-use, safety and reliability in virtually any environment or condition of use.

And, we will also work hard on environmental issues, which is the most pressing topic in the first half of this century. We have pledged to realize reductions of CO2 at our manufacturing sites and offices, through optimum streamlining of material selection, recycling and product transport. As above and in many more ways, we are pushing all-out to live up to the slogan “Uniquely creative, uniquely responsive to your needs”

President & CEO of Sanei Electric Inc. Sumio Miura